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By jeanettehewitt78, Dec 28 2015 03:05PM

Last month I wrote a blog post for the CRA detailing my writing day and commenting on how many words I need to write per day to meet my self-imposed completion deadline.

I had also taken the unusual step of sending my manuscript out to publishers before it was completed. This is not something I would ever recommend doing, and the only reason I had was because if my novel - Exclusion Zone - was to have the sort of impact I desired, it really needed to be released in 2016, since next year it is the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. I was 40,000 words into an 80,000 manuscript, and with each submission letter I sent out I provided reassurance that I could have the whole thing finished by the end of 2015. In a million years I never expected anyone to take me up on it, but in the middle of November, Endeavour Press called my bluff!

Endeavour have a great reputation in the publishing world and I knew how lucky I was to have them offer me a contract. There was no excuse - I had to write the second half of my novel and I just over one month to do it. So I did. I needed to write 6,666 words a week for the next six weeks, but in that first week when I got the publishing offer, I wrote 25,000 words which gave me the boost I needed to know that not only could I finish it in time, but I would be able to give it a couple of decent read-throughs too.

And that was how I spent the run up to Christmas, tapping away on the laptop, housework and household duties thrown out of the window, my very tolerant other half not complaining that he was being served meals-in-a-box or takeout for a whole month and those closest to me being very understanding that I would not be around much during the month of December.

I smashed my deadline by a good couple of weeks - it was like NaNoWriMe but one month after everyone else had done it!

I celebrated at the CWA Christmas Party with a flock of fabulous crime writers, all of who put any residual fears I had to rest.

There will be some fantastic crime fiction coming out in 2016, and I can't quite believe that my Exclusion Zone will be among them.

In the meantime, I’m not resting. On Boxing Day I began to write book two in the P.I Alex Harvey series, something I wanted to do while all the characters are still fresh in my mind.

So to all that have wished me congratulations and been so kind and supportive - a Happy New Year to you.

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