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By jeanettehewitt78, Dec 20 2015 01:45PM

Last month I was featured again in a blog post for The Crime Readers Association, writing very aptly about a day in the life of a writer.

Little did I know when I wrote the blog post, that the tale I spun about calculating how many hundreds or thousands of words I need to write to meet a self-imposed deadline, were about to come very true.

But that is a w hole other post in itself, and one that I shall be sharing very soon...


By jeanettehewitt78, May 24 2015 03:02PM

We are halfway through 2015 and it's been a great year so far, starting on 16th January when I got an advance copy of Sarah Hilary's latest novel, No Other Darkness.

Review: Someone Else’s Skin was a fantastic read and I’m so happy to report that No Other Darkness did not let me down.

We delve a little deeper into Marnie Rome and her past, and we also get to know Noah a little better as well. Being drip-fed titbits of information like this hints at a promise of more to come and I for one, can’t wait.

The subject matter in No Other Darkness is a sensitive one and a round of applause to Sarah Hilary for tackling the storyline and the way it was handled.

This book has everything that one could want in a novel; a hard-hitting story, back story from the protagonist and other main characters, a classic “whodunit” but without too much to-ing and fro-ing or false leads.

I was prepared to enjoy a good book when I started No Other Darkness, but the feeling that I had early on in the book that I was coming home to old friends was a pleasant surprise. I, for one, am looking forward to enjoying Marnie Rome for many more books to come.

No Other Darkness is on sale now.

Fast forward to 18th March and I was at Waterstone's Chiswick for the launch of debut author SJI Holliday's book, Black Wood. I had a wonderful evening and will be seeing SJI Holliday again in June when the two of us, along with author Jane Isaac will be holding a panel on independent publishing at the Felixstowe Book Festival. Jane's latest novel is released on 1st June.

Review of Black Wood:

Excellent story and the thing that struck me most about this was how 'real' it was. It is set in a location we can all identify with, especially if you've lived there all y our life. The characters are also spot on - everyone has flaws and this was punctuated in the story.

I loved the back story along with current day, if you enjoyed Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls then you'll love this one.

I am very much looking forward to further novels by SJI Holliday.

In early April I received an advance limited edition copy of Adele Parks novel, If You Go Away. This is a move into Historical fiction and was a wonderful read. I cried when I read it - twice! If You Go Away will be released in Kindle and hard back on 4th June, and Adele will also be at the Felixstowe Book Festival, interviewed by myself.

On 11th April I attended fellow Felixstowe writer Ruth Dugdall's book launch for her latest novel Humber Boy B. It was great to see Ruth again (since she defected to Luxembourg!) and we'll be meeting again at the Felixstowe Book Festival next month. Ruth's book has been selected as the festival read, so grab yourself a copy.

Review of Humber Boy B: I discovered Ruth's books last year and have read all of them. Humber Boy B is a magnificent, gripping story. It shows how a mistake made in childhood can indeed follow you the rest of your life.

I loved understanding the process of the probation worker and the points of view in this book are so well done, there are, after all, different opinions with each person involved and Humber Boy B shows this so incredibly well.

I also really enjoy how we are getting to know more of Cate Austin's personal life and look forward to knowing more!

Very glad to hear that the next book is underway and can't wait for it to come out!

Next month will be the Felixstowe Book Festival, with blogs a-plenty to follow no doubt. Stay tuned!

By jeanettehewitt78, Sep 4 2013 07:57PM

About twelve years ago a work colleague gave me a box of unwanted books to look through. Already a massive Stephen King fan, it was in the box that I came across three King books I’d not heard of. They were rather old, but excellent condition 1982, 1987 and 1991 editions of The Dark Tower (The Gunslinger), The Drawing of the Three and The Wastelands. Happy as always to read anything I took them, read them, and became spellbound by them. As soon as I had finished volume three I recalled that I already owned volume four – Wizard and Glass – but had not been able to get into it because I hadn’t read the previous novels in the series. I devoured Wizard and Glass just in time for the 2003 release of the fifth book, Wolves of the Calla. I had an agonising year to wait until Song of Susannah, the sixth book which was released in 2004 and from that point on I was on the waiting list to get the first published editions of both Song of Susannah and the grand finale, The Dark Tower.

The story of The Dark Tower is epic in many forms. Firstly it has to be the longest series in the history of literature. Mr King started The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger: volume one in 1977. The series was finally completed in 2004. Also, the sheer hard work that has gone into these novels is immense. The word count for the whole series is a staggering 1,295,000, amazing if you think that the average book has a word count of between 60,000 words and 90,000 words.

So my own journey of The Dark Tower ended in 2004 and I always knew that I would read them again one day. And that day has arrived, as last night I finished an excellent run of books feeling in the mood for a horror story. I browsed The King of Horror on Amazon and though there are a few recent ones that I’ve yet to read it was The Dark Tower that caught my eye and I made a wonderful decision to not only read them all again, but purchase them for my Kindle. And so it comes, over a decade after I discovered Roland Deschain (he’s the Gunslinger) and his pals, I am overjoyed to share their strange but beguiling world once more. One of the most wonderful things about the Kindle version that I purchased is the foreword by Stephen King, written in 2003, explaining in depth the journey that he travelled during the twenty seven years it took to write this story. Intriguing (and a little heart breaking) were the letters that he received from people like the cancer-ridden eighty-seven year old woman who wouldn’t live to find out the ending of The Dark Tower, similarly the man on Death Row in Texas who begged King to tell him how Roland’s journey would pan out. He couldn’t though, as he didn’t know himself. I remember the ending and will not give anything away lest any of you decide to take the journey to the Dark Tower yourselves, but it was worth waiting for.

A journey of my own is also coming to a conclusion this autumn with the release of my second published novel, Words Apart. Most of my novels are pieces of work that were started a long time ago, in the case of Worlds Apart this was actually written in 2001, but any manuscript that is worth publishing needs to be put away for a little while I think. When you go back to it you see the parts that need a heck of a lot of work, but also the parts that you think, I wrote that? Seriously? That’s pretty damn good! So an announcement will follow soon for my faithful readers and rest assured that there are more books in the pipeline. They may not be million plus word counts like The King, but they’re all in me and they’re all coming. Stephen King has so far enjoyed almost forty years of successful novels, published fifty books to date and had over fifty of his written works turned into movies or films for television. To have a fraction of this author’s success would be a life very well lived.

By jeanettehewitt78, Jan 15 2013 05:59PM

The start of a new year led me to thinking back over my favourite parts of 2012. Most of which, had something or other to do with literature!

So after realising that I've had my Kindle (best invention in the world) for one year, I was able to see exactly how many books I'd read in 2012, and the grand total was 98. That's 97 Kindle books and 1 paper back.

Some that stuck with me were Me Before You, by the wonderful Jojo Moyes, who incidentally had a starring role in my year as in July I got to meet her! That day I will remember for a long time for it's not often that one is lucky enough to meet someone they hold in such high regard. Unfortunately I was a little star struck, I managed to hold it together except for a bone crunching, heart stopping moment when Jojo asked me which authors I like to read. Now, as I've mentioned, I read 98 books last year, in July when I'd met her I'd read around 50. That's just one year mind, all in all I figure I've read well over 2000 books in the last 20 years. So what was my reply to Jojo? Well, the one and only single author's name that I could think of... Jackie Collins. Even as the two words were leaving my chops I was trying to inhale them back in but no, out they came. Jackie Collins. Not that there's anything wrong with Jackie Collins, I have indeed read all of her books, some of them many times. But now, just for the record, in case you read this Jojo, can I just erase the Jackie Collins comment and change it to the following: Bruce Chatwin, Sebastian Faulks, Harper Lee, Ken Kesey - these are authors of some of my favourite books. Oh, and you Jojo. But I already said that didn't I? Right after the Jackie Collins comment. For Christ's sake. However, the Jackie Collins thing has now become an anecdote at various gatherings with friends and is, I'm happy to say, met with rip-roaring laughter. So not all is lost.

Other wonderful authors that stayed with me long after I read their books last year deserve a mention too, Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls, Serena Mackesy, Hold My Hand, Dorothy Koomson, The Rose Petal Beach and The Lighthouse by Alison Moore. Two authors that I discovered in 2012 whom I adore are Diane Chamberlain and Lee Child.

So my goal for 2013 is to read at least 100 books, and I'm hoping to see more work from all of the above!

By jeanettehewitt78, Nov 21 2012 04:52PM

What a week it has been. Having enjoyed a fabulous break at EuroDisney I returned home ready to concentrate completely on the first edits for my upcoming novel Worlds Apart. I was thrown slightly by a friend request on Facebook that I never expected in a million years. Those who know me will be well aware of my long-time hero (or heroine!?) Ffyona Campbell. Ffyona was the first woman to walk around the world and I lived her adventures through her books, Feet of Clay that depicted her walk from one side of Australia to the other, On Foot Through Africa, and The Whole Story. Ffyona was an inspiration not only to me but to so many people. Unfortunately she suffered terrible backlash from the media and after her final book she vanished, seemingly off the face of the earth. Even though her walks took place over twenty years ago there was a group of people who never forgot her and this group joined forces in The Ffyona Campbell Appreciation Society on Facebook. Now, suddenly, Ffyona is back. Immensely touched by the people who still remembered and still cared, she so kindly got in contact with all of us. Ffyona is back in the UK and is celebrating the launch of her next book, The Hunter-Gatherer Way. I have ordered my copy and would urge you all to check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/TheHunterGathererWayByFfyonaCampbell

It is a huge coincidence that Ffyona has come along at this time. My book, Worlds Apart, features a charity called Survival International which was the charity that Ffyona's Africa walk supported. My main character is also based on Ffyona herself. It is so strange that my book was written about ten years ago, around the same time Ffyona went off the radar and now the publication of my book and Ffyona's comeback are happening at the same time. Not only has Ffyona been very supportive of my novel but she has also agreed to write a foreword in the acknowledgements.

For more information do have a look at Ffyona's website: www.wildfoodwalks.co.uk

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